Slides will be uploaded the day after class

Schedule is tentative and topics may change depending on interest and discussions

Module 1: Parsing Overview/Refresher

Date Topic Slides Reading Notes
Fri, Sept. 28 introduction slides EAC Chapter 1  
Mon, Oct. 2 tokenizing slides EAC Chapter 2  
Wed, Oct. 4 parsing slides EAC Chapter 2  
Fri, Oct. 6 parse trees slides EAC Chapter 3  
Mon, Oct. 9 parser generators slides PLY docs homework 1 assigned
Wed, Oct. 11 parser generators 2 slides EAC Chapter 5.1  
Fri, Oct. 13 Symbol tables slides slides  
Mon, Oct. 16 parsing with derivatives slides parsing with derivatives paper (first 7 pages)  

Module 2: Analysis and optimization

dates will be modified to adjust for extra time spent on earlier modules.

Date Topic Slides Reading Notes
Wed, Oct. 18 Intro to optimizations and analysis slides    
Fri, Oct. 20 local value numbering slides EAC Chapter 8 (up to 8.5)  
Mon, Oct. 23 regional optimizations slides EAC Chapter 8.5 and Chapter 9 (up to 9.3) Paper needs to be approved for review 1
Wed, Oct. 25 global optimizations 1 slides   Homework 1 due. homework 2 assigned.
Fri, Oct. 27 global optimizations 2 slides    
Mon, Oct. 30 MIDTERM     Paper Review 1 due
Wed, Nov. 1 static single-assignment SSA) form slides EAC Chapter 9.3 (through end)  
Fri, Nov. 3 SSA optimizations 1 slides EAC Chapter 9.3 - 9.5  
Mon, Nov. 6 SSA optimizations 2 slides EAC Chapter 9.3 - 9.5  

Module 3: Parallelization and DSLs

Date Topic Slides Readings Notes
Wed, Nov. 8 Instruction level parallelism slides    
Mon, Nov. 13 Instruction level parallelism 2 slides   homework 2 due. homework 3 assigned
Wed, Nov. 15 parallel for loops slides    
Fri, Nov. 17 parallel loop safety slides    
Mon, Nov. 20 Halide slides Halide  
Wed, Nov. 22 Halide 2 slides    
Mon, Nov. 27 compiling relaxed memory models slides    
Wed, Nov. 29 Guest lectures! slides 1 slides 2   homework 4 assigned

Module 4: Advanced topics

Date Topic Slides Readings Notes
Fri. Dec. 1 compiling relaxed memory models 2 slides   HW 3 due
Mon. Dec. 4 Decoupled Access Execute   DAE paper Paper needs to be approved for review 2
Wed. Dec. 6 final project presentations      
Fri. Dec. 8 final project presentations      


Date Official time Notes
Tuesday, Dec. 12 8–11 AM Final project report due, last paper review due

Homework 4 will be due Dec. 15