Welcome to CSE211: Graduate Compiler Design, Fall 2023 Quarter at UCSC!

  • Instructor: Tyler Sorensen
  • Time: M/W/F 9:20 - 10:25 pm
  • Location: N. Sci Annex 101 (in person!)
  • Contact: <first name>.<last name>@ucsc.edu

Hello! I’m Tyler and welcome to the graduate compiler design course!

In this class you will learn about advanced topics in compiler design and implementation. In the abstract, compilers explore many of the foundational problems in computer science. In practice, compilers are massive pieces of well-oiled software, and are some of the engineering marvels of the modern world. Given the end of Dennard’s scaling, compilers will play an increasingly important role to achieve further computational gains. The main focus of this class is how compilers can make your code more efficient and safe on modern (and near-future) processors.

COVID Note: COVID continues to effect our lives in many different ways. There will likely be infections throughout the year (both as students and faculty). Additionally, we will all have to adjust as we work together to a create an environment where everyone feels valued and safe. The pandemic has been difficult for people in different ways and there will surely be new challenges throughout the quarter. We will work together to overcome them and make this a productive and engaging class. That said, this class is designed to be in person. If you do not plan make a majority of the lectures in person, then I would recommend reaching out to a graduate adviser to find a class more suitable to your constraints.